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The Magic of Trees, Insightfully by næture…







Welcome to The Art By Trees.

The beautiful landscape on the background is a photo of Yosemite regional park in California. The Art By Trees is a place for everyone; artists, photographers, nature explorers, and everyday people, just like Samuel Tellez, the artist and photographer who founded the art by trees.
Maybe you’ve had a moment when you were close to a tree and you wish you had a camera, maybe you haven’t been lucky enough, or perhaps isn’t something you’ve ever paid attention too. We would like to introduce you to a unique art concept with extraordinary complexity in its natural state and display. Trees with beautiful shapes, colors, inscriptions, patterns, intricate and colorful textures, trees of such uniqueness is what our collection is about. We are a tree art gallery and printing company with the intent of letting everyone appreciate the rare and authentic Art By Trees. You’ll also come across some minerals and rock formations which we thought to be a nice complement to our gallery. We’re very excited you’re our visitor today, welcome again! We’re also here to establish a connection with you so we can show you our freshly new tree art findings on our fantastic monthly arts-letter or on your favorite social network. But before you do that, discover our gallery and feast your eyes with some of the most unique trees on earth. The next time you’re close to a tree, besides hugging it, you might remember us and you might find a tree with such an incredible artwork that you’re going to want to take the tree home with you… But then you have no way to take it… You have nowhere to put it… Well if you have the right settings you can certainly take a good capture! The shapes and textures of trees can be so incredible and colorful that inevitably re-establish how special nature can be with its incredible capabilities. The relation between Arts and Nature began with men in caves, ancient tribes, civilizations, and many of nowadays people who prioritize in having a connection with nature and it’s beauty. Within it trees are a great element. Enjoy our tree art gallery! And don’t forget to stay in touch…









Can You Do It?




We need everyone to contribute, find…










The Art By Trees – A Fresh Discovery In Nature And Home Decor

Dive into a photography journey into the skin of our trees. Find beautiful tree artworks insight-fully by nature. Real tree art, by trees themselves. Let us try to know a little bit more about our tree art. Someone once said that nature is the greatest artist and this proverb is certainly right. Trees are one of the amazing elements which nature has provided us. There is immense art in trees, if only we can see this with an artist’s eye. Few recognized artists around the world draw the same design of tree bark on paper. The complexity of their texture and shapes require tremendous skill and precision in order to be transferred onto a canvas. Their structure is also something the stem bark portraits in very unique ways. Many of which can go beyond our naked eye. The secret to the uniqueness of The Art By Trees is also the fact that its colors are developed with the pure tree pigments. Its texture is enriched by their natural, colorful and exotic colors. Black and grey spectrum is also present which changes dramatically with natural and artificial light. With the right settings of light trees splendidly show another great divinity of Mother Nature…






Don’t Keep a Secret From Nature: A special Discovery In Tree Art

A new art concept has been discovered and here is a collection that gives much to think about. An Artist has collected astonishing artwork pieces found and exclusively displayed Nature. “Nature is the greatest artist” is a saying that you must be familiar with. The Art collection you’re about to see includes colors that have been developed from pure pigments of trees, stones and minerals . The divinity of Mother Nature nature can now be experienced splendidly with these eye-catching art pieces.

















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