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The Art By Trees – A New Discovery In The Arts and Home Decor World.

Tree art for sale – Real tree artworks by trees themselves. Dive into a photography journey into the skin of trees. Discover now… Find beautiful tree artworks insight-fully by nature. Here at our online art store is where you’ll find real tree art from within… The Art By Trees is one such unique art among other artworks, so without further delay let us try to know a little bit more about our Tree art. Someone once said that nature is the greatest artist and this proverb is certainly right. Trees are one of the amazing elements which nature has provided us. There is immense art in trees, if only we can see this with an artist’s eye. Few recognized artists around the world draw the same design of tree bark on paper. The complexity of their texture and shapes require tremendous skill and precision in order to be transferred onto a canvas. Their structure is also something the stem bark portraits in very unique ways. Many of which can go beyond our naked eye. The secret to the uniqueness of The Art By Trees is also the fact that its colors are developed with the pure pigments of their “skin”. Its texture is enriched by their colorful, exotic and natural pigments. Black and grey spectrum is also present which changes dramatically with natural and artificial light. With the right settings of natural light trees can show you another great divinity of Mother Nature…



trees-art-paintings-wall-canvas-print-for-saletrees-art-gift-card-ideas-for-salepaintings-with-trees-framed-art-decorationtree-art-greeting-cards-for-sale Trees-wall-art-photography-canvas-printstrees-art-wall-prints-for-saleTree-Art-wall-posters-for-sale



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Don’t Keep a Secret From Nature: A Cosmic Discovery In the Art World

A new art concept has been discovered and here is a collection that gives much to think about. An Artist has collected astonishing artwork pieces insight-fully by Mother Nature. “Nature is the greatest artist” is a saying that you must be familiar with. The Art collection you’re about to see includes colors that have been developed from pure pigments of trees, stones and minerals . The divinity of Mother Nature nature can now be experienced splendidly with these eye-catching art pieces.
Samuel Luciano, 31, took years of exploring and hunting for unique trees and stones in order to find some of the most amazing art naturally displayed by nature and its elements. The Portuguese Artist/photographer gathered these insightful art pieces during his travels around the world. Samuel: “My love for nature and its spirituality has led me to explore the paths of forests and mountains tracked by sparkly traces of fairy dust… I followed the sun, wind and water which guided me to some of the most amazing artworks I had ever seen.. My discoveries have opened an entire new world for me full of magic from earth and beyond…”.
















When looking for art to decorate your space you can surely place an order online, but wherever you buy these artworks from be sure you buy it from a genuine art selling website of course, and that they are not wholesale from certain countries.


































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