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All the artworks on our site are exclusively owned and displayed by and cannot be found anywhere else on the Web. Every piece is insight-fully provided by nature. Its beauty and mystique places the art by nature in a special position.


– We also believe the support on communal and environmental causes is a great step for a better world. By purchasing one of our wall canvas you’re also donating 1$ to Worldlandtrust[dot]Org. This goes towards saving rainforests, animals and environmental threats.


On the other hand, we very much support local artists, communities, and non-profit organizations who dedicate themselves to contributing for a better community, environment, and moral integrity. This of course provides improvement not only on the community but it also creates a greater opportunity to drive creativity onto people. For every wall canvas purchase we also donate 1$ to our local community center. We do not stand along with online corporate businesses who inhibit opportunity for local people and artists.


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Someone once said nature is the greatest artist and this proverb is certainly right. There is immense art hidden in the trees, if only we can see this with an artist’s eye.


Few recognised painters around the world draw the same design of the stem bark on paper or canvas. Its texture is something that is portrayed in unique ways that cannot easily be reproduced. The uniqueness of the art of trees is also the fact that the colors are developed from pure pigments of the stem bark which vigorously enrich their character. In addition, all tree artworks don’t lack black and grays which change dramatically with natural light. When captured at the right time, the great divinity of Mother Nature can be splendidly experienced.


We are humans and we have extraordinary brains within ourselves. We can use our brains for almost everything, from sports to chess and studies to technology, we have been able to achieve everything till now. Similarly, art is an innovation of the brain. There are many examples of great artists and greatly recognized artworks around the world. These include historical paintings, tableaus, and the projection of the minds of some the greatest artists and pioneers in the Art world.


If you are a professional artist or on the way to become one then trees can be a good tool for this. The artworks of trees are greatly admired because of their natural essence and beauty. A whole tree can be great, or a part of the tree stem bark can be projected to give it a uniquely fresh and exotic look. Not only two dimensional, but they can also project themselves three dimensionaly. A desired depth is achieved and it gives it a look as if real bark has been stuck onto the canvas which makes it look real, unique and stunning.


You can surely purchase tree artworks online if you see a unique piece, but wherever you buy these artworks from, be sure to buy them from a good and genuine website of course, and that they are not wholesale from certain countries.


-The artworks from trees are greatly used for canvas prints giving them a natural enchanting look. Unique art for your walls can be found on our website and all art prints come with a splendid touch from mother nature…




Meet The Artist

DSCN3675-take-26Ricardo Samuel Luciano is the founder of, a website dedicated to art found in nature. Ricardo came to encounter some of the most unique trees and nature elements throughout his travels and adventures. He describes this form of communication with nature as an indescribable fascination. What distinguishes his art is the surrealism of reality portrayed by these rare nature elements, including trees, stones, and minerals. Ricardo says: “The beauty and admiration for the Art found in Nature gave me tremendous desire to share my discoveries.”Ricardo set up his first art stall at a local farmers market. Ricardo: “I was impressed with how many people stopped by and how they commented in awe about the artworks. The attention from a wide variety of people made me tremendously excited to keep on finding more art.”


Ricardo now dedicates most of his time searching for the most unique trees and believes the most amazing art by nature is yet to be discovered.

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