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We endeavor to be part and support non-profit organizations who dedicate themselves to contributing for a better ecosystem. By purchasing one of our wall artworks you are also donating 3$ to Greenpeace[dot]Org. This goes towards Green Peace’s forests campaign. Their organization is the most active in protecting our nature and planet facing threats and finding solutions to resolve and improve our environment.


For every wall canvas purchase we also donate 1$ to our local community center. It’s unfortunate how nowadays communities are controlled by the government and corporate businesses inhibiting the opportunity for local people and hungry artists. This small donation goes to organizing weekend events with arts food, and lots of smiles.





All our artworks are exclusively displayed by and cannot be found anywhere else on the web.
Every piece is authentically displayed by nature without no transformations.
It is our mission to introduce the art by trees to the world and let people enjoy this natural and unique art concept. At our printing studio in Colorado, we have a small team dedicated to ensure the quality of the printing, mounting, framing and packing process to ensure our customers receive the best end product for their orders.
We are always excitedly welcoming new art findings. If you’re a tree photographer you can submit your image for approval so we can add it to our gallery.
If you’re a tree hugger join us and you’ll receive free images, new gallery additions and our most recent projects. Don’t miss out!







Samuel Telles Luciano is the founder of The Art By Trees, a website dedicated to art exclusively by nature. Samuel took years of exploring and hunting for unique trees in order to find some of the most amazing art naturally displayed by nature and its elements. He gathered these insightful art pieces during his travels around the world. Samuel: “My love for nature has led me to explore the paths of forests and mountains with some of the most amazing trees. I was blown by the sun, water, wind, and mists which guided me to some of the most amazing natural artworks I had ever seen..”. He encourages people to be aware of the synchronicity of events and thoughts when close to trees. If you look for them you’ll rarely find any. – Samuel says. He believes this available communication with trees can provide you with great insights and beautiful art.
Samuel wishes to encourage everyone to be part of this art movement so we can beautifully reinforce the life of our trees. He’s also very pleased for the accomplishment of our brand and for being able to bring the benefits of the art by trees to the homes of nature lovers.





Receive free images and stay informed of our projects. Keep in touch with us. -The Art By Trees.




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