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DSCN3675-take-26Ricardo Samuel Teles Luciano is the founder of An art website dedicated to art from nature. Ricardo came to encounter some of the most unique trees and nature elements throughout his travels and discoveries around the world. He describes this form of communication with nature as an undescribable fascination. What distinguishes his art from most others is the surrealism of reality portrayed by these rare nature elements, including trees, stones, minerals and crystals. Ricardo says: ” Trees have always had a significant impact in my life. The admiration and respect for the Art from Nature gave me tremendous desire to share my discoveries.”


Ricardo was born and raised in Portugal until he was 22 years old. He then moved to the US where he studied Engineering at a university in San Diego California. After his studies he travelled to New Zealand where he received a certificate in Arts from the University of Auckland. Ricardo then travelled to Australia and Asia searching for art where he discovered some of the most unique trees.


Ricardo set up his first art stalls in Sydney at the local weekend markets where he received a lot of attention from the public. Ricardo: ” I was impressed of how people admired the art I had collected. “The attention from a wide variety of people made me even more excited to keep on finding more art!”


He now dedicates most of his time searching for the most unique trees and nature, and believes the most surreal art is yet to be discovered..






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