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trees-paintings-In one of the latest Art news in china, which had a major impact on the Chinese media stream, and in case you didn’t see it, a 22 year old student named Wang Yue was painting in the hollows of trees lining a street in her hometown of Shijiazhuang. Her beautiful tree paintings started attracting the attention of many locals walking by. Later, the story was picked up by several mainstream news outlets, including CCTV News’ “Weiguan Tianxia” program, whose host Xu Zhuoyang called them “a touch of warmth in the midst of a cold winter”.

-Trees are one of a kind in nature, they are the largest living organism on earth, we all have a sense of how valuable trees are. Awesome initiative by Wang Yue, and perhaps we’ll see more cities with painted and loved trees , reminding people people of how important our nature is towards the beauty and essence of our world. 2013 it’s about time! Apparently, this was the first time someone had ever been recorded painting on trees, student Wang Yue is now numerously known for her initiative. An event that will probably change her life forever…
Have u thought of how you could contribute for the nature of your city?


-Coincidences and nature synchronizations can take us beyond! At around the same time I discovered this tree art that really caught my eye. As you can see, the images in this article appear to be real trees. Or real tree art!? How fascinating! Bringing us back to how wonderful trees are these were actually found in America, China, Europe and Australasia. They are real trees and so is their art! Artist, or founder of Tree-paintings, Samuel Teles Luciano states it’s been a few years with great discoveries.
trees-paintings  “I’m extremely happy with Wang Yue initiative towards her city and its surely beautiful trees. This will likely boom the incentive for other artists to start painting their cities’ trees and make them prettier! I personally have a special admiration for trees, and dedicate my art to them. I’m very glad someone is doing the same!”

-Samuel was visiting Portugal to his young brother’s birthday when he found the article about the young student. We had a little chat regarding his art on trees.

“It’s been a few years since Samuel has been encountering this somewhat mystique art, and believes the best tree art is still to find. After what he’s discovered, and what he dedicates his time to, Samuel believes the biggest tree insights are yet to be revealed! He is trusting his spiritual state to guide him to the most amazing tree places in the world.
Throughout his travels he exposed his art in several local community markets catching the attention of many people, so he brought his webpage to all of us”.

Samuel currently has over 100 Tree art pieces.  Follow Tree-paintings and perhaps one day you’ll want a different gift to a special someone.



trees-paintingsYou can see all of his amazing tree art in his website named <a href=”” title=”Tree-paintings“>Tree-paintings</a>
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