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Tree-Paintings Re-branding Announcement

Hope you’re enjoying our artworks and all that we’ve brought you so far . Today we’re announcing the rebranding of our company. For a smooth process doing so and to inform you ahead we’re writting you this post. We’re sure you’ll love the change.


For a more adequate, and non-deceptive purposes, we’re announcing a name change for our company and brand.
So the name has been tree-paintings and accordingly, our site: As you know none of our artworks were made with paint or painted on canvas or on any other medium. But rather they’re art captured on , and made by trees.


In a way the’re tree-paintings, but for a better match and description, and to not disencourage other artists and painters from looking , or leave as soon as they arrive, on our website, we’ve changed the name to


The domain is still active, and is pointing right to our new domain, so if you return to don’t be surprised you’ll end up on our new site
We’re very glad you kept our fan this long , and we want to thank you for that.


We hope we have much more art coming your way ready to impress you. And that’s kind of a promise…
So summarising, if you see a new post or anything with The Art By Trees label on it , know that it is us: “tree-paintings” ; with the new name : “The Art by Trees”.


Goodbye… And see you in the near future…